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Blue Penguin is one of India's largest flower decor brands, bringing not just beauty but exquisite taste to your homes and workplaces, for the last fifteen years, ensuring quality and trust at the same time.

Blue Penguin, a Taj Trader’s label, deals in a variety of home decor flowers inclusive of

  • Realistic Artificial Flowers
  • Wedding flowers
  • Wall flowers
  • Bonsai
  • Flower vases
  • Wooden plant accessories
  • Pot planters, embracing both indoor and outdoor plant decor, with the finest realistic artificial flowers.

The company initiated and still works on bringing content, beauty, elegance and delicacy with a 24/7 customer support together with worldwide shipping, taking in online orders as per your convenience, shipping around a vast number of states Blue Penguin priors quality and the fastest delivery possible. And guarantees notched up services than many more online services, scoring more than Amazon, Flipkart or Meesho.

Blue Penguin expertise revolves around a number of flower decor styles revamping from solitary to mix up flower arrangements. Styling in a variety of colors, essence and genre, Blue Penguin is known and in fame for its exceptional customer services and quality products, maintaining exclusivity with our high quality flower decor at the most reasonable prices, which makes Blue Penguin different yet appealing than others.

Blue Penguin, also facilitates bulk orders, for banquet halls and vendors, making your flower shop experience trouble free and memorable. Marketing the best flower decor arrangements for different occasions and festivals as per your need, Blue Penguin skills and provides wholesale vending shipping worldwide in no time.

Balancing your comfort and adoration, we prioritize your needs and the promise of best services at all costs. Blue Penguins welcomes you to the world of the best realistic artificial flower and plant decor arrangements ever experienced.